Glam Kit B - The Infinity Lash

Glam Kit B - The Infinity Lash

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The Glam Kit B includes:

1x matte black tweezers that makes applying and securing lashes so much easier.

1x Quick Stick lash adhesive. (Expires 3 months after opening) 

1x Black / Silver Curler.

1x box that contains 2 strands of lashes (8-10mm or 12-14mm) in Poppy, Lily and Rose.


Lash Styles:

Poppy is very delicate and ultra natural. Perfect for new lash wearers, fairer clients, more mature clients or anyone who doesn’t like wearing much makeup and have very fine lashes.

Lily is a medium density lash which is noticeable yet natural looking still. 
Great for a anyone who is use to wearing makeup, has dark lashes already, likes or have worn lash extensions and anyone who wants a fuller lash look.

Rose is the most dramatic of the three lash styles. Fantastic for those who likes a more glam look, already has full lashes but wants more and is use to wearing lashes or lash extensions.