Welcome to my online store where I aim to make your life easier, whether you are a lash artist or a lash lover.

You see, Im obsessed with lashes! It is literally my life. I mean I go to bed dreaming of doing a set (yes Im a lash artist by trade) and I will not sleep well if even one fan wasn't perfect that day. (Other last artists may understand this cray-cray behavior)

So one day I decided to make my life easier. I literally ordered every pre-made fan out there to find the finest pre-made fans with the tiniest waist that held their curl and literally filled my living room with lash trays! (Yes this also brought me immense joy as I had an excuse to buy lashes daily!)

Now that I found these premades, I was much faster. I started out with doing 50/50 hand made and premades but over time I decided to use them 100% of the time. And let me tell you, my clients were happy not to lay there for longer than they had to..I was able to lash faster which meant more bookings and thus...more money. Now who wouldnt be pleased with that?

I was happy as a clam (a clam with long lashes mind you) but then Covid hit. What in the world?! We were told to stop working and then my second son arrived. My clients were left lash-less and scrambling for a substitute! I also missed having lashes as staying home with baby meant I couldnt work out and I refused to slip into that couch potato mamma in sweats...time to glam it up!

Again I ordered about 300 magnetic and adhesive eyeliners to test out and after some trial and error in formulations, I have found a way for my clients (and myself) to have gorgeous lashes everyday in a matter of minutes! No more hours spent spilling my dirty laundry to my lash artist and no more 100s of dollars worth of lashes found dead on my pillow. Oh my, this was life changing! My partner would once again comment on how I looked pretty every single day. Yay! 

To go with these amazing liners I had to create the fluffiest faux mink lashes to recreate the volume lash look. And although I panicked for a split second that every lash artist in the world would lose their jobs to their lashes..I knew I had to go forth and share my discovery.

Because lets face it, who  wants to be drab and lash-less during a pandemic? 


Caroline xo